LinkedIn: Leads & Opportunities

12 Oct

I was introduced to LinkedIn last spring in my PR Careers class. And let me tell you something, it is quite the tool. I like to refer to it as the Facebook for professionals. It is yet another way for me to network while getting my name out in a professional manner.

I am not the only one who thinks it is cool. As of May 2011, 100 million users were on LinkedIn. While the number of active users is much lower, it goes to show that people have the idea that LinkedIn has the potential to being a great asset. So what would I say to those who have an account but only have five connections and can’t even remember their password? I say, get to it my friend, because there are professional leads and opportunities waiting for you.

So how do you use LinkedIn in a way that you can find those opportunities? One way is to actually log in and be committed. A fellow blogger, Jeff Bullas, suggested this,

“Commit once a week to use LinkedIn to connect with several current or former business associates this will put you top of mind for opportunities that may emerge out of these strengthened connections.”

It is easy to use search terms such as *PR agencies , *Non-profits, etc. And this is not just for PR peeps – anybody can do this.

In the long run, like most other things, positive results do not just fall out of mid-air. LinkedIn and other social media outlets can be a valuable tool to you professionally, if you make the commitment to ENGAGE.

Happy LinkedIn-ing!

Reference: How do You Use LinkedIn? by Jeff Bullas *Check out this article for a cool LinkedIn infographic!

Photo Credit: Shekhar Sahu under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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